BMW 3-series (E30)

Here lies my small collection of information in regards to this specific model of 3-series.


The E30 was produced from 1982–1993 in a variety of body styles: Coupe, Sedan, Convertable, and Touring. There are two major revisions of the car, most commonly referred to the early-model, which was produced up until 1987/88 and the late-model, which was produced from 1988 up until the car's discontinuation in 1993.


For my personal vehicle, it's equipped with the following:

Model1990 325i Coupe
ColorBrilliant Red
TransmissionGetrag 260 5-speed manual
Options210 215 240 270 300 400 410 520 530 545 556 682
Wheels14" bottlecaps
InteriorBlack leather

The options are my best guess based on available options in Germany—I don't actually have a buildsheet and haven't visited a dealer to see what my car came with. It's a USDM car so chances are that some of the codes are different and there are probably some things that I don't even know were options.