Well, this is a parts list for a COMPLETE suspension overhaul.

I'll probably want to split the kits up into individual parts for cleanliness and also to avoid purchasing the same components multiple times, which becomes a problem when it comes to hardware like included bolts and nuts, or things like the control arm bushings. In addition, it might be useful to look at whether a lot of the components for the strut assembly really need to be replaced, since plenty are just metal and are probably still useful.

ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Spring kitH&R Sport (50404-55)318.001318.00link31331131333 (front), 33539061085 (rear)
Full hardware kitCAtuned86.12186.12linkgood lord uhhh


Covers front subframe and suspension components.

Control arm nut 132216769539
Control arm nut 231106774714
Control arm bushing bracket bolt31111137888
Control arm bushing bracket washer31111114348
Sway bar link nut07129964672
Tie rod nut07129922436
Tie rod bolt07119911611
Tie rod washer07119933096
Tie rod nut 207129922770


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Spring seatBMW 3133112852418.89237.78link31331128524
Coil spring shim (upper)BMW 313311285238.79217.58link31331128523
Coil spring shim (lower)Lemforder 16956012.4924.98link31331124322


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Strut assemblyKoni Sport Adjustable 86411021Sport180.542361.08link31321135892
Strut bump stopRein AVZ0199P6.49212.98link31331124449
Strut mountMeyle 300313310826.59253.18link31331139452
Strut dust capsBMW KIT-31311139453KT4.1814.18link31311139453
Strut dust collarsBMW KIT-31331110196KT8.7818.78link31331110196
Strut dust collar washerBMW 313367767602.8925.78link31336776760
Strut dust sleeveMeyle 30031331112.0924.18link31331134314

Control arms

ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Control arm leftLemforder 105230187.99187.99link31121127725
Control arm rightLemforder 105240187.99187.99link31121127726
Control arm bracket leftFebi Bilstein 2146119.89119.89link31121139789
Control arm bracket rightFebi Bilstein 2146222.39122.39link31121139790
Control arm bushings (E36 M3)Febi Bilstein 3637529.59129.59link31129058931
Tie rod assemblyMeyle 316030430141.49282.98link32111125186
Tie rod lock plateBMW 321111245403.1926.38link32111124540


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Steering rack bootRein BKP0062R4.6929.38link32111127104
Steering rack boot clampBMW 321310941003.2926.58link32131094100
Sway bar linkLemforder 105750216.19232.38link31351091764
Sway bar bushing (20mm)Rein AVB0204P4.6929.38link31351129139


Covers rear subframe and suspension components.

Shock mount nut07119905374
Subframe mount bolt51718181460
Subframe mount nut33331126136
Trailing arm bushing bolt33321136406
Trailing arm bushing nut07129900047
Sway bar link bolt07119903076
Sway bar link nut07129906196
Sway bar link shim / washer07119932631


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Spring pad (upper)BMW 3353112861021.79243.58link33531128610
Spring pad (lower, 7.5mm)BMW 3353113638644.79289.58link33531136386


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
ShockKoni Sport Adjustable 802522Sport118.052236.10link33521135888
Shock mountMeyle HD 3003359102HD11.49222.98link33504035929 (mount), 33526772864 (gasket)
Shock mount reinforcementFCP Euro B33000449.99219.98link51718413359
Shock mount plate (upper)BMW 3352111767713.79227.58link33521117677
Shock mount plate (lower)BMW 3352109142713.29226.58link33521091427
Shock tower protection capBMW 3352111906714.59229.18link33521119067
Shock bump stopBMW 335211250786.09212.18link33521125078


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Subframe mountMeyle 300333110216.79233.58link33311130537
Trailing arm bushingsFebi Bilstein 0405210.89221.78link33329061945


ItemProduct / OEUnitQtTotalURLReplaces
Differential mountMoog (BMSB4499)17.19117.19link33171135242
Swaybar linkLemforder 106700211.49222.98link33551126932
Swaybar bushing (12mm)BMW 3355112967717.59235.18link33551129677