I'm gonna ramble and you can do nothing about it

Style choices

I've gone through about ten million different styles and combinations regarding how I want this site to look and function. By now though, I've realized that there isn't much better than a lightly styled HTML file. It gets the point across and works on literally any device and connection. (if the server allows) It also has this type of "style" to it that I can't really begin to describe. It could be considered retro but it's almost like a tribute of sorts—as the site isn't built to do any stupid tricks and doesn't even need JavaScript. This is how the Web should've been.


This site works on iPhone OS 3! But my god non-retina screens have horrible font rendering, because of their lack of pixel density. I can barely read this on an older iPod touch.


Now the site (for older devices) only works without SSL, but I don't accept unencrypted HTTP requests or anything below TLS 1.2—which breaks compatiblity. As for why it's a good idea to not accept older versions of TLS—who knows. It's still more preferable than plain text as far as I'm concerned. Plus wouldn't browsers default to the most secure that they can handle anyways? So what's the big risk for most people besides disabling the few who either

  1. Can't run modern encryption (see old iOS)
  2. Are too stupid to update their software

I think it's perfectly fair game and might start supporting older ciphers at the very minimum. I still have issues with just allowing plain text traffic to flow through though.